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Whatare the odds?

Introducing the BEST ODDS of winning a BEST SCREENPLAY laurel AND

Introducing Stardom Films USA! We are looking for great scripts* in three (3) separate genres.
*each of the three movies will be budgeted at less than $1M USD.
Stardom Films changes everything!

For most other script competitions and festival contests your screenplay may be one out of thousands of other scripts, and in some cases one out of tens of thousands!

With Stardom Films, this competition submission level for each movie is just 300. That means your odds are 1 in 300!

So, today, with regular screenwriting contests, your odds are 1 in let’s say 5,000 - 10,000 to win a Laurel.

At Stardom Films the odds are 1 in 300 to have your script financed, produced, and seen by audiences worldwide! That is game changing! This is the Super Bowl of writing contests.
what we do

“We basically provide realistic dreams which were never before realistic for most script writers.Underdogs with talent. People with no representation. (continue reading)

How Are We Different?

Different from ALL the other contests? HECK YES…because if chosen, Stardom actually greenlights your script, finances it and produces it…” (continue reading)

who should submit?

Anyone! And we do mean anyone.
Anyone, anywhere, who has a script can enter Stardom Films’ script competition! (continue reading)

What’s Our Plan

Glad you asked! Stardom UK! We are in pre-production on a romantic comedy now. Think “Notting Hill” meets "Love Actually". (continue reading)

WhatWe Do

Stardom Films provide realistic dreams which never felt realistic before for so many scriptwriters.

  • Underdogs with talent.
  • People with no representation.
  • Writers with zero pedigree or ability to raise millions.

We are talking to ALL the talent out there with a great script. We were born because of YOU.

WE believe the world needs to see what you did/do and we will put it on the screen.

You will compete against 299 others in your respective category, and that's it.

If your script is selected, we will sign you up, acquire your script and make it into a movie.


Because we are different from all the others!

Because if chosen, Stardom Films actually greenlights your script, finances it and produces it into a finished feature length motion picture that gets seen by audiences around the world!

Because with ALL other screenplay competitions and film festival writing contests, the winner received a laurel, and a “BEST Screenplay” certificate. That’s nice and dandy, but at the end of the day less than 3% of those winning screenplays ever get made!

That is worth repeating....LESS THAN 3% ever get made into a movie!

Didn't you write the script to be made into a movie?

We thought so.

WhoShould Submit?

Anyone! And we do mean anyone!
Anyone, anywhere, who has a script can enter Stardom Films’ script competition.

Instead of paying $60 or $75 for a 1 in 5,000 or 10,000 chance of winning a laurel, you’re paying $99 for a 1 in 300 chance to get your script greenlit, financed, and produced into a feature-length motion picture!

You don’t need to be a WGA member, have a literary agent, have lots of credits or a long resume.

We don’t care about your race, gender, or lifestyle -- the only thing that matters is that you have a GREAT SCRIPT that deserves to be made into a movie.

Stardom Films only judges on talent. Period. If you’re a talented writer, click here to submit your best script to Stardom Films. It may just be a life-changing decision. Imagine being in a crowded movie theater and seeing your name in the opening movie credits.

"Written by...YOU"

Don't wait, submit now as there are only 300 spots and they are filling fast!

SubmitYour Script

Submit your Script and get it made into a feature film with global distribution
Script submission #1

“Death Wish 2.0/Dirty Harry” - revenge action movie set in Vietnam

Revenge Action Movie

Deadline July 4, 2023

  • Set in Vietnam

  • Action Packed

  • Rated R for Violence, Nudity, Drug Use, Blood and Gore

Script submission #2

“Family Feel Good” - positive, inspirational and wholesome movie

Family feel good movie

Deadline July 4, 2023

  • Set in the UK

  • Drama based Storyline

  • Rated PG 13

Script submission #3

“Horror/Slasher” - a suspenseful horror thriller to keep audience on the edge of their seat

Horror/Slasher movie

Deadline July 4, 2023

  • Set in USA

  • Horror/Slasher

  • Rated R

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Please fill out the registration form for your chance to see your script turned into one of our first films!

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Meet our Producers, ScriptWriters, and movie experts from around the world who will be reviewing and judging your submissions.
Stardom Testimonials
"As a studio owner/film Producer and Director myself, I see a lot of entertainment business models. This is without a doubt the best one I have ever seen. It puts the talent where it should be. In the driver's seat. I'm already a huge fan and this should go viral once Stardom does its first feature."

Richard D'Alessio


"Being someone who appreciates disrupting industries, Stardom brings power back to the people in a very modern and original manner; the DAO of entertainment."

Jonathan Willis

Posterity Films---Producer, Filmmaker

"Stardom is the best plan I've seen in 30 years and will likely change the entire film industry!"

Scott duPont

Award Winning Actor-Producer Member of SAG-AFTRA, PGA, IDA

"When I put my name on something, it means I trust it and I'm in. Stardom is great!"

Byron Scott

Three-Time NBA Champion and Former Head Coach to LA Lakers

"I so love how Stardom helps out anyone with talent break into Hollywood. It's a brilliant concept whose time has come."

Cecelia Gutierrez

Basketball Wives Star, Celebrity Actress

"Stardom is a great opportunity for screenwriters who believe they have a winning screenplay and need a break."

Rick Pamplin

Writer & Director of Many Films,
Including Money CONFIDENTIAL

"We love the spirit behind this endeavor. Wish you the best. Great concept. Go Stardom!"

Dean Zanuck

Grandson of Film Mogul Daryl Zanuck

"Hollywood will never be the same. What a great concept! Bravo!"

Louise Levison

Business Plan Creator on Blair Witch Project, Film Industry Consultant and Author

"Stardom is the best business model I have ever seen for anyone wanting to break into Hollywood. I've been a Director for over 15 years. Nothing even close to this. I hope it launches careers for aspiring actors and actresses all over the world."

Free Boogie - Director/DGA

Dancer and highly sought after Choreographer

"As the Pageantry, Talent and Entertainment Service Inc., CEO, I am excited about the new opportunity presented by Stardom. Our multiple divisions of Pageantry magazine, Pageantry Digital, World Model and Talent and our multiple online and social media distribution points and others are a perfect symbiotic fit."

Carl Dunn

Godfather of Pageantry Industry

"This will be a game changer in the entertainment world! Hollywood will be changed forever."

Dr. Dave Jensen

Sports Chiropractor to the Stars

"I believe Stardom is a new foundation and wave of the future for entertainment. It takes the right people doing great work such as this to allow for a better world."

Alfred Nolan Thomas II

Producer, Supervising Choreographer, Actor (SAG-AFTRA)

"We are undoubtedly living in uncertain times and in this changing environment, I find your business model to be excellently positioned to provide opportunities on a global scale. This is precisely why I fully endorse your business model and will support you any which way I can."

John Carson

Ex President Cadbury Schweppes North America

"I've seen a lot of business models and this is by far the best I've seen for the entertainment industry. GO STARDOM!"

Curtis Mitchell

World Championship 200 Meter Bronze Medalist, USA National Champion Actor/Influencer

"As a two-time Grammy award winner, I know a good hook when I hear it. This is a great hook. Everyone will be singing to the tune of Stardom"

Marlow Rosado

Two-Time Grammy Winner and 11 Time Nominee

"This is a chance for anyone to fulfill a dream of being in a film. What an amazing opportunity."

Vivian Pena

President of Non Profit Empowering the Next Generation

"You have created something really spectacular here. It helps people all over the world . Great job, I am all in. Bravo! Amazing! Fantastic! What a clever idea! I just love it"

Dr. Sonia Valdes

Christian Latin Business Chamber of Commerce President

"Every author wants their book to be a screenplay. Every screenwriter wants their screenplay to be financed and produced. Stardom is what every serious writer has been wishing for…a reasonable chance to see their talents come to life on the Big Screen."

Casey Tennyson

Publisher Chart Charity Art Magazine and Director Palm Beach Writers Society

"It's not easy to come up with something new and fresh in this day and age. You did it!. This model is excellent and will help anyone wanting a career in Hollywood to have a better chance. All in. How can I help?"

Dr. Gary Vonk

President Keiser University Flagship Campus


We’re glad you asked! We are Stardom Films!
Stardom Films - UK: Currently in pre-production on a romantic comedy. We are looking for our second Stardom Films - UK movie script: That’s why you’re here.
We plan to be in pre-production by Q4 this year on the inspirational, family-focused, “feel good” movie. Posterity Entertainment Showreel 2021 on Vimeo
Stardom Films – Vietnam: Again this is why you’re here, We’re looking for a Death Wish 2.0 action script. THE PREY: LEGEND OF KARNOCTUS (2022) Trailer | Danny Trejo Action Horror Movie - YouTube
Stardom Films – Thailand: Joint partnership in Asia to produce a stoner comedy.
Stardom Films – India:         Another stoner film with a larger budget slated for 2024.
Stardom Films – UAE:          Launches in Q1 2024. Stay tuned for script submission news.
Stardom Films – USA:          We are currently looking for excellent script material for our very first Stardom USA movie.
Stardom Films – Heritage: A horror/thriller celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary. Filming in Atlanta, GA in April 2023.

Anyone, anywhere, who has a script can enter Stardom Films script competitions!



Q: I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Stardom Films. What is Stardom Films all about?
A: Stardom Films was founded by a passionate writer with a vision who joined forces with several movie industry professionals who all want to see really great stories (screenplays) made into movies. Just like the hundreds (even thousands worldwide) of other screenplay competitions and film festivals, Stardom Films is an opportunity to have your exceptional script recognized. Cool, right? It's about time!
Q: What does Stardom Films promise that is so different from ALL the others?
A: All the other screenplay competitions & film festival writing contests award you a winning laurel certificate if your screenplay is the lucky one chosen out of 1,000, 5,000 or even 10,000 other scripts submitted. Even if your script wins BEST screenplay, there’s less than 3% odds that your WINNING screenplay ever gets made into a movie under the old, outdated model. Less than 3%! Let that sink in.
Stardom Films will also award you a winning laurel certificate if your script is selected. But, your screenplay will get financed AND produced into a real, feature-length motion picture and seen by audiences around the world!
Q: You mention MUCH better odds… what are my exact odds?
A: With Stardom Films we limit the number of screenplay submissions to a maximum of 300 for these two contests. What's that! 300! Yes, you heard right. That means that your hard work and your screenplay will be carefully read & reviewed and you will be competing against no more than 299 other screenplays! Boom!
That’s another game changing piece of our business model FOR YOU! In every other screenplay writing competition or film festival script contest we’ve seen there are literally no limits or caps to the number of submissions. In many cases, some festivals or competitions can have thousands, even tens of thousands of submissions! With other competitions you've got a 1 in tens of thousands of chances to win a laurel and you have to pay for that privilege.
Q: What are my requirements to be selected?
A: Can we quote our dear departed friend Sir Alfred Hitchcock on this one when asked what makes a great movie? “A great script, a great script...a great script”. So, to answer you.... nothing but talent and a great script. You do NOT need to be WGA, nor will we ask if you’ve attended film school or taken any writing classes. We will also NOT ask about your sexual preference, race or religion. But, you WILL need evidence of ownership (copyright registration, Chain of Title, etc.) for your script.
Q: Is there an award or citation if my script submission is not picked as BEST screenplay?
A: Stardom Films will be making announcements and giving laurels and an official certificate for the number two and three writers, as well as honorable mention recognition. Our Stardom Films’ writing committee will also provide you coverage and valuable writer’s feedback (without charging you a $50 fee like some other screenplay competitions). Stardom Films may even offer a discount if you wish to submit another screenplay to a future Stardom Films project.
Q: What is the Stardom Films submission process? A: Simply send us proof of ownership of your script and pay the $99 USD registration fee, provide a logline, synopsis and full script. Just follow the easy to navigate Stardom Films portal and that’s it!
Q: What else do I get if my script is selected?
A: You will get a full, above the line, opening “Written by…” credit in the movie, 1.25% gross revenues from the film in perpetuity (even if you are not a WGA member!) and $2,500 upon breaking production escrow and after receiving your signed agreement. The winning scriptwriter will also be invited to the wrap party and, of course, receive a VIP ticket to the red carpet movie premiere, although travel may be at your expense.
Q: How do I know my script will actually be funded and produced into a real movie if selected?
A: We are self funding movies while registration monies are being collected and we almost have the first million in escrow for our first UK movie as you read this. Stardom Films has retained legal counsel and they protect us and you, and they will be safeguarding additional registration money until pre-production begins. These two projects represent two different script directions and two separate and distinct entities of the Stardom umbrella; Stardom Films - UK and Stardom Films - Vietnam.
Q: Who is going to read my script and what happens after I submit it?
A: A panel of reviewers hired by Stardom Films will include a mix of advisory board members, film professionals and film students (all with knowledge of screenwriting). Most importantly to you, many of Stardom Films’ Board are experienced film producers, people producing films for exactly the audience you want to get your script in front of. The review process will be executed into 300 submissions or less and one of those scripts will be selected, based SOLELY on the quality of the script, period.
Q: How long will it take once I submit my script to where the winners are notified?
A: After all 300 submissions have been received, the person who submitted the winning screenplay should be notified within approximately 6 - 8 weeks. Stardom Films will also notify the 2nd and 3rd runner-up and the Honorable Mention at that time.
Q: Will I know who is reading my script and where I stand in the contest as it proceeds?
A; No, this is standard practice for any screenplay competition. Stardom Films doesn’t want any of our review panel and/or judges being swayed or influenced. At the same time, if anyone on the Stardom Films review team has ANY potential conflict of interest with any of the writers submitting or the screenplays themselves, they must immediately recuse themself.
Q: Can you really make a movie for $500,000 to $1,000,000? And what happens to the movie after it’s made?
A: Yes, in today’s high-tech world, Stardom Films can make a great movie for $500,000 (total budget with sponsorships, potential incentives, tax credits, etc. may be up to $1 million). After the movie finishes post-production, there are many options, including submitting and potentially releasing the film through a traditional distributor or possibly self-distribution of the film through our own Stardom Films platform.
Q: Is there a catch? Any other fine print?
A: Well, your screenplay (story) must be told for under $1M, so if you have a period piece WWII movie with thousands of background talent, is set in an exotic location and you’re expecting Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence and other A-Listers to appear in your movie, you’re probably not a good fit. In that case, try pitching to the large movie studios or streaming giants. Very long shot odds, but if that’s the route you want to go, we wish you all the best. Us? Think great properties long on character and magical storytelling, less on Avatar special effects. We're all about storytelling. Thank you again Sir Alfred Hitchcock.
Q: Can I submit more than one script?
A: Yes, it’s first come, first served. We are evaluating scripts and wanting to see great products. If you've written more than one, bring it on.
Q: This sounds too good to be true.
A: Gee, we've never heard that before. We ARE making movies, period… with you on board hopefully, either way we are making movies. You've been getting laurels, or trying to, for how long? Now, it's time you go for the brass ring. The Super Bowl just showed up.
So, what are you going to do? We suggest you get your story made into a motion picture and never look back. It's your time. To quote Rocky, "Go for it!


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