Richard D’Alessio

Richard is a celebrated commercial director who successfully launched major brands in 43 countries spanning over 500 commercials. • He has directed some of the most influential branded content and commercials in the last two decades, from American Express with Jerry Seinfeld and Superman to over 50 “Can you hear me now” commercials for Verizon to over 75 commercials for Bud Light including several number 1 Super Bowl ads for Bud Light. • Served as a creative director for several Social Media studios helping them launch their brands • Served as Creative Director working with networks such as Showtime, SyFy, ABC, NBC, Lifetime, Discovery, Food Network, and Netflix. • Created launch campaigns for such shows as, Shameless, Ray Donovan, Secrets and Lies, Witches of East End, Magicians, Jay Leno’s Garage among others.